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What is That’s Math?

What is That’s Math?

So you’re wondering, “What’s this all about anyhow?”

It’s pretty easy.

  1. Sign up with your free account here
  2. Get the confirmation email
  3. Confirm your subscription (it’s a legal thing)
  4. Start getting messages!

Here are some examples of the daily text messages you’re likely to see:

Example Early Childhood TMS

  • Find a tall glass and a coffee mug. Say, “This coffee mug is wider, this way, see? But the drinking cup is taller, this way.”
  • Point to a picture on the wall. Say, “That picture is a rectangle. It can hang on the wall because it’s flat – it’s two dimensional.”
  • Show your child the DVD remote and say, “The play button is like the the greater than sign. They both point the same way.”

Example Upper Elementary TMS

  • Say, “They say you can’t add apples & oranges. It’s because adding 4 apples & 3 oranges is like adding two fractions with UNLIKE denominators!”
  • Say, “We learned to divide using long division. But sometimes it’s pretty short. Either way we call the answer a QUOTIENT.”
  • Say, “Fractions are pretty flexible. You can say one half, 1/2, or two fourths, 2/4, and mean the same amount.”

“Is that all?”

“Is that all?” you ask.

Totally! Good, high-quality math stuff (aligned with state standards, even) that ARE NOT math problems. ARE NOT math homework. Just short things you can say and experience with your child!

So do it!

Go sign up for your free account now. And if you want the premium service, you can choose Early Childhood if your child is in Kindergarten, Grade 1 or Grade 2. Or sign up for Upper Elementary if your child is in Grade 3, Grade 4 or Grade 5.



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