Parent and Family Math Engagement


That’s Math worked to help me personally consider how often I interact within the world of mathematics. The daily texts provided exceptional, relevant insights for my son and me to consider.

My son is just beginning to understand the intersections of math with all that surrounds us each day. That’s Math helped bring many of those intersections to light as we were able to discuss all sorts of math related topics.

~T.R., Parent

That’s Math has made math approachable… it shows that math is a part of our daily life. Math doesn’t have to be a foreign subject.

Traci Shannon, Parent, Blogger

I think this tool is AMAZING!!

Ms. Bishop, Teacher

After our math statement today, my son said, “Circle and Sphere!”

C. Gell, Parent
In response to the math statement:
Say, “Shapes and solids are all around
us. A round rug is a flat round shape and
a ball is a round shape that’s a solid.”

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