Parent and Family Math Engagement

That’s Math is a parent engagement program that uses simple text messages to show families of elementary school students that math is part of our daily lives.

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How It Works

On a daily basis, That’s Math sends easy to read math statements to parents as text messages. These statements are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and demonstrate that math can be experienced in a positive, no-stress way.

That’s Math worked to help me personally consider how often I interact within the world of mathematics.

The User


Parents and family receive daily text messages that they share with their children. The whole process takes less than a minute each day!

The Customer


School districts and communities subscribe to That’s Math for their families. Texts can be customized, and are aligned with classroom scope and sequence.

Why It Works

In 1961, pioneer researcher Albert Bandura began work on Social Learning Theory. Over the past six decades we’ve learned that children’s actions reflect the actions of their role models and parents more strongly than written or verbal instructions.

Parents often send mixed messages about math to their kids. They might tell the child, “Math is important!” while modeling negative thoughts like “I don’t like math” or “I’m bad at math.” Research shows that behavior carries more weight than verbal directives. That’s Math aims to change the gateway to learning: social behavior.

The Beneficiary


Our goal is to have every kid approach math with comfort and without anxiety so students will attend math classes as active, engaged learners.

The Goals

  • Improved engagement of math students in the classroom
  • Increased parental involvement in students’ education
  • Improved math knowledge gains for students
  • Students’ decreased avoidance of math
  • Improved rate of math homework completion

Help Parents Help Kids

Researchers have confirmed through brain scans that merely the thought of solving math problems can cause math anxiety for some students.

When a highly math-anxious student doesn’t perform as expected on a math exam, it could be due to math anxiety or lack of competency due to math avoidance.

That’s Math brings math into the home, making it as familiar a topic as what’s for dinner. This familiarity can reduce anxiety and stop the anxiety-low performance cycle in students, families and communities.


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