Parent and Family Math Engagement

That’s Math is a Houston Independent School District Vendor!

On September 15, 2016 the Board of Education of the Houston Independent School District approved That’s Math LLC as a vendor for the FACE project #16-04-09 RFP/Family and Community Engagement.

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This the program that could mean the tipping point for student test scores, grades, engagement and even discipline in math class!

In less than 1 minute each day, parents…

  1. Read the text message.
  2. Share it with their child.
  3. Notice math around them.

It’s clear. It’s quick. It’s calm.

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Are you wondering…

What is it?

That’s Math Bilingual Text Messaging K-5 is a parent training program approved for the HISD FACE project number 16-04-09 RFP. Parents get one text message each school day that helps them calmly talk about math with their child.

How does it work?

After a school is registered with That’s Math, the parental onboarding begins. Your school will get an implementation kit to help you get parents enrolled.

A parent will text a special keyword to a phone number and then voila they’re enrolled! They’ll get clear and simple text messages daily in their chosen language (English or Spanish).

We’ll follow up with you to make sure you’re getting parents enrolled and offer assistance if needed.

Is it TEKS aligned?

Absolutely! That’s Math is built by Texans, so of course we’re going to align it with our great state first!

How hard is it for teachers?

Crazy easy! They only have to send home the flyer.

Will it freak parents out?

Nope! It’s NOT math questions and NOT math problems. Instead it’s specific things parents can say that impact both them and their child in math.

Can I see some examples?

Of course. Here are some of our favorites:

  • At the table say, “Each fork has 4 points on it. If we have 3 forks, that’s 3 groups of 4 points. This is 4+4+4 total points on the forks.”
  • Use small carrots. Say, “We can make a graph with carrots.” Stack 5 carrots in a row, then 2, then 3. “Pictographs are part of math.”
  • Say, “Dollar & cent signs are kind of funny. The dollar sign goes in front of the number, and the cent sign goes behind the number.”
  • Say, “Whole numbers are numbers like 1, 3, 16, or 45. There aren’t any parts of the numbers like fractions or decimals.”
  • When coming inside say, “Deposit is a money word, it means ‘put in.’ When we walk in with dirty shoes, we deposit dirt – we bring it in.”

What do other people say?

Check out the testimonials here.

Will my school approve it?

Well, if you’re school is in Houston ISD, you’ve got a pretty good chance of a yes. We’re one of the listed and approved vendors for the Family And Community Engagement project #16-04-09 RFP.

Ready? Then do it!

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