Parent and Family Math Engagement

Ms. Bahn’s Implementation Kit

train-clkerHi there, Ms. Bahn!

We’re excited to welcome your class to That’s Math.

For the various parts of the Implementation Kit, click below:

Step 1. Get the word out quickly.

As soon as you can, copy and paste the following into an email or newsletter to parents:

Dear parents,

I’m excited to introduce you to That’s Math, a new parent and family involvement program that could help your child with math. I’ve signed up for it, so it’s free for you to use (however, your phone carrier’s message and data rates may apply).

To enroll in this program, text the two word phrase THATSMATH BAHN to the number 313131.

Be careful to include the space:


You’ll get one text message each school day during the year. If you have any questions, call That’s Math Customer Service at 713-557-8048.

Or, if you already text message with parents, use this as your next text message:

Hi parents! I’ve enrolled us in That’s Math, a new parent involv program. To enroll, text 2 words THATSMATH BAHN to 313131. Questions? Call 713-557-8048

Step 2. Send home the announcements.

Copy either full page or ¼ page paper announcements and send them home with students. Student take-home folders are a great way to get them to the parents.

Step 3. Sign up.

Yes – YOU. The most effective family engagement includes administrators, teachers and staff. So sign up yourself by texting THATSMATH BAHN to 313131.

Step 4. Talk about it.

Anytime you talk to parents, remind them to sign up. The keyword is easy: THATSMATH<space>BAHN. The phone number is easy: 313131.

If they aren’t signed up, ask them to do it right there.

It only takes a minute!

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